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  • Sarah Huie Coleman

    Atlanta, Ga. native Sarah Huie Coleman founded Huie Design, Inc. in 1996. Sarah is the creative director for large-scale mixed-use, retail, hospitality, sports, corporate and transit design for Huie Design,…

  • Jacky Keogh

    Jacky Keogh joined Huie Design in 1998 as a senior designer. She is a three-dimensional designer with a wealth of ability and experience built over the course of her 13-year,…

  • Paul Bowman

    With Huie Design since 2003, Paul Bowman plays a key role as a senior designer and project manager in overseeing massive rollout projects. With a background in industrial design, Paul’s…

  • Mara Kent Davis

    Mara Kent Davis joined the Huie Design team in 2006. In her role as a senior designer, Mara specializes in signage and wayfinding projects. With her intuitive understanding of wayfinding,…

  • Sara Whatley

    Since joining Huie Design in 2016, Sara Whatley has created powerful links between design and the built environment for her clients. Her passion and background focus on pushing the boundary…

  • Linnea Davis

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Client Services

Sarah Huie Coleman leads and mentors a team of five, with three professionals with over 10 years Environmental Graphic Design experience, and one with over eight years experience.

We believe that each employee contributes directly to the company’s growth and success by personally serving our clients, carefully evaluating project parameters and achieving the project’s vision through honest and trustworthy communications. Our employees take pride in being a member of our team.

Because we treat each other with respect, Huie Design has a low turnover rate. Employees that join other companies often return to our culture. We maintain a small company / family-type environment that provides our team with enjoyable, exciting and interesting projects.