“You Are Here”

At Huie Design, experiential graphic design attracts and connects people to the essence of a place or experience. It’s about weaving diverse ideas and elements into a singularly compelling presence that says, “You are here.”

Early collaboration is the key to designing a dynamic user experience. It’s the collaborative process – where architects, developers, lighting, landscape, and experiential graphic design professionals concept as a team — that creates a compelling, seamless experience.

Our Mission

It is our mission to deliver on a brand’s promise by designing wayfinding elements that are clear, easy to understand, instill confidence, direct, educate, and inspire.

We Embrace Challenges

We thrive on the challenge of infusing distinct energy and character into public spaces. We’re known for design that is both artistic and market savvy while remaining sensitive to the community, project needs and budget. Arriving at our destination involves an egoless process where direct communication and consensus intersect.

Our Expertise

Without thoughtful environmental graphic design, an otherwise positive visitor experience can crumble into a stressful, undesirable encounter that won’t soon be forgotten. Environmental design is a critical element that is best integrated into the design concept from the outset.

With experience in public and private retail, mixed-use, campus, sports and transit, we have a rich and varied history of creating uniquely branded environments with innovative, flexible and functional wayfinding master plans and forward thinking design guidelines. Developing the visual and functional aspects of wayfinding, branding, mapping and information design is not just our job ­– it’s our passion.

We have built a reputation for efficiently managing environmental graphic design projects through all phases of the design process, on time and on budget. We’re experienced, accessible and dedicated, and consistently deliver creative and cost effective design solutions.

Our Process

Our collaborative company culture extends to our clients who we regard as an integral part of our team. Our over 21-year history and long-term client relationships are based on the honesty, respect, collaboration and hard work between our team members, our clients and the communities we serve.

And it all starts by listening. We gain a thorough understanding of a project’s goals and parameters as they relate to accessibility, functionality, budget, communication and future maintenance. Drawing inspiration from our own experiences, historical research, collaboration, user demographics and a clear interpretation of our clients’ vision, we strive to create uniquely functional solutions that are respectful of and beneficial to all users and the surrounding community.

Relationships are Key

We attract challenging, exciting and interesting clients who demand superior service and innovative design solutions. Perhaps this explains why most of our work comes through referrals and repeat business. Forming long-term client relationships with a range of market sectors has afforded us the opportunity to work on a number of premier projects.

We’ve had the good fortune to participate on projects spanning a diverse range of types and styles for clients including General Growth Properties, Simon Property Group, CBL Properties, North American Properties, Georgia College, Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport, McMaster-Carr and the YMCA.

Our Team

Every member of our team brings a unique perspective and skill set to the table. When you work with one member of the Huie team, you get the combined 100 years experience of our entire studio. We don’t have a “B-Team.” We only bring highly respected professionals at the top of their field who embrace challenges and take tremendous pride in carefully evaluating project considerations to propel our clients’ vision into a reality.

Our History

Sarah Huie Coleman, an Atlanta native, founded Huie Design, Inc. in 1996 after completing design and implementation of the “Look of the Games” for the 1996 Atlanta Centennial Olympic Games. Since then, Huie Design has worked with municipalities, architects, developers and owners on public spaces to create entire signage and wayfinding systems that function effectively, entice interaction and inspire joy. Our work achieves project goals, putting patrons and visitors at ease while making a lasting impression.

The Basics

Huie Design, Inc. is an incorporated sole proprietorship, environmental graphic design studio in Atlanta, Georgia. Sarah Huie Coleman is the Principal, Owner, and Creative Director.

We are a 100% Woman-Owned Business and are registered as a Female Based Enterprise (FBE) with the City of Atlanta’s Equal Business Opportunity Program (EBO).

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